Meet Virtual Bones

Bring your musculoskeletal
management and referral
pathways into the 21st

With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Virtual Bones is
designed to drive efficiency in fracture management

Show me What

For every MSK injury, Virtual Bones will show you what to document,and what it looks like on an X-ray. It tells you what information is expected in a referral for that condition so you can give your orthopaedic colleagues everything they need to make the right decision every time.

Show me where

Can't find the equipment? No problem. Virtual Bones will show you exactly
where your department keeps its slings, splints, and anything else you may
need for the MSK condition you've chosen. It even has pictures of where they're kept.

Show me how

Once you've found what you need, snappy clips made by your local experts
will quickly show you how to apply the sling or cast that’s appropriate for the condition you're looking at.

Show your patient

Don't waste time looking for paper leaflets! Virtual Bones intelligently suggests
the right leaflet and lets you give it to your patient with a handy QR code or
even navigate them to your local physiotherapy page.

Virtual Bones has it all

Virtual Bones has a comprehensive list of every injury that can walk through the door, all organised in an easy to navigate intuitive skeleton interface.

You’re in control

The content of the whole app is tailored to your specific department- from
the locations of splints to the bleep numbers of the orthopaedic on-call
team. Your hospital keeps it up to date with an intuitive command console
where admin users can see the feedback left by healthcare professionals
and change the content to suit your needs.


With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Virtual Bones is
designed to save ED doctors time when managing potential fractures

In the Emergency


Perfect referrals every

The app tells you the cases that need a
referral and exactly what the ortho team will
want to know about it


Hit your waiting time

Less time wasted working out what to do
means more patients treated


New bank staff? No

In such a high turnover environment, eliminate
bottlenecks by delivering the right information
to new doctors at the right time

In Fracture Clinic...


All the info
you need

With all the documentation in your referrals
standardised, you can be sure that your new referrals will
come with all the information you need to make
decision without having to call back ED


Reduce your non-
attendance rates

With clear guidance on referral criteria, all your
referrals will be appropriate, meaning fewer healthy
non-attenders in your list


Need to get a
message out?

Instantly push a notification out to all your ED doctors
when you need to send a short message- like a reminder
on how to refer a specific fracture

27% reduction in ED waiting times
The introduction of Virtual Bones reduced ED waiting times for MSK-related injuries by 44 minutes. This is based on a study that measured the mean time spent in ED by patient with MSK injuries from booking to discharge, before and after the introduction of Virtual Bones to the department.
Better documentation quality
Fewer inappropriate referrals
Virtual Bones was associated with a 57% reduction in the number of MSK injuries that were referred to fracture clinic when they could have been safely discharged. This was based on data comparing the number of these inappropriate discharges in 2-week periods before and after the introduction of Virtual Bones.
Fewer wasted appointments
Virtual Bones was associated with a 9.8% (P=0.021) increase in the percentage of Virtual Fracture clinic appointments that were discharged without needing a face-to-face appointment. We believe this is a reflection of the  increased quality of documentation that was observed over the same period, allowing orthopaedic consultants to make safe discharge decisions.

All the time you could be saving

Virtual Bone is the premier health care app focused on delivering the
highest quality care. Your life is our specialty. Our team of experienced
physicians offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services.

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